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The administration of ketamine may be  most effective when paired with psychotherapy. Integration Therapy is a psychotherapy program that will prepare you for your ketamine sessions, encourage you to explore your mind while within the ketamine space, and assist you in integrating your experiences afterwards. 

This program emphasizes the potential for change, and such change is best facilitated within a structured, supportive psychotherapeutic environment with providers who are aware of your issues, hopes, desires, and struggles.

Integration Therapy: About

Ketamine has the potential to create a non-ordinary state of consciousness, facilitating a profound transpersonal or mystical peak experience. These sorts of peak experiences have been shown to expand one’s sense of self and understanding of existence, and may enable you to access your own healing wisdom. Your providers serve as guides, and assist in processing the experience and its impact on your everyday life. 

Ketamine’s altered state can create conditions of relational and psychological openness​, and thus we believe that trust in your providers enables the deepest possible work to occur. Psychotherapy sessions are meant to build a sense of connection and trust between you and your providers. 

Many have found it beneficial to set an intention for the experience. Intentions should be personal and focused, which could include alterations in habits (such as the use of alcohol or cannabis, exercising, etc.), shifts in self-defeating patterns of thought or social interactions, or exploration of spiritual/existential realms. Your therapist will work with you to formulate your goals, and will also encourage you to hold those lightly, ​as resistance or attempts to control the experience can produce anxiety. 

Your experience will be unique to you, and each of your sessions will be different. All such journeys are adventures that cannot be programmed. They evolve from your own being in relation to this medicine, and it is best to relax into the path that unfolds. Many enjoy the journey, while others do not. Everyone comes through it, and often with greater insight into themselves and their lives. Our therapy program is designed to assist you in integrating these insights into your daily functioning. 

As a byproduct of your experience, you may feel improvement in your emotional state and reduction in symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic manifestations. You may notice that you are a bit different after a ketamine experience, and that difference may feel liberating, allowing for new perspectives and behavior. 

These shifts may happen during treatment, in the aftermath, and/or in the days and weeks that follow. Some experiences may be temporarily disturbing to you, and we will work to help you understand these in context of your healing process. Ultimately, we are working to assist you in changing patterns of mind, mood, and behavior that cause you difficulty and distress.  This is a unique opportunity for growth and change, and so we encourage you to actively engage in the therapeutic process as well as the medication administration. While medication on its own provides symptom relief, it is most effective in the longterm when combined with therapy and your active participation in the process of integration. 

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